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Maintenance Guide for Earthmover Tyres: Glossary

Maintenance Guide for Earthmover Tyres: Glossary

Bead seat band (cf. “Mounting & demounting tyres”): detachable metal part of a rim in one piece rim which locates the bead of the tyre on the rim.

Bouncing (cf. “Ballasting the tyres”): regular vertical movement to which a vehicle is subjected when travelling on a badly maintained road (corrugations).

Brushed out (cf. “Tyre repairs”): relates to brushing out.

Brushing out (cf. “Tyre repairs”): cleaning of a gouge on a tyre, enabling the removal of all damaged parts (wire, rubber, etc).

Camber (cf. “Factors affecting tyre wear life”):
- Applie to wheel: The alignment of the wheels of a motor vehicle closer together at bottom than at the top.
- Applie to track: A slope in the turn of a road or track; the outside is higher than the inside in order to reduce the effects of centrifugal force.

Carding (cf. “Tyre retreading & recycling”): operation consisting of preparing the surface of a tread to facilitate penetration and sticking of the rubber during bonding.
Carding may be performed either by using a rotating tool called a carding machine or by various
abrasive processes.

Chamfer/starting chamfer (cf. “Mounting & demounting tyres”): a chamfer is a bevelled cut made on the bead seat band to remove any sharp edges of a component and provide a lead-in to facilitate assembly.

Crosslinking (cf. “Tyre retreading & recycling - p.112”): formation of additional links between chains of atoms upon heating.

Cutting (cf. “Tyre inflation”): small cuts.

Cycle (cf. “The different machines and their applications”): the various phases performed by a dump truck during a loading / unloading operation.
A cycle is composed of 4 phases:
- Loading
- Loaded journey to discharge point
- Unloading
- Empty return journey

Flotation (cf. “The different machines and their applications” - “Tyre use” - “Factors affecting tyre wear life” - “Tyre inflation”): a tyre’s ability to avoid becoming bogged down or ability to move over a natural surface without sinking in too deeply. Flotation is aided by low tyre inflation pressure.

Hairline crack (cf. “Mounting & demounting tyres”): fine crack found on the surface of Metallic parts (e.g.brake drum, brake disc or wheel) and which grow with thermal or mechanical stress.

Keying (cf. “Mounting & demounting tyres”): device used to prevent rotation between loose rim parts.

Locking key (cf. “Mounting & demounting tyres”): metal piece, generally cross-shaped, inserted into a space in the flange to prevent it turning in relation to the rim base.

Locking link (cf. “Mounting & demounting tyres”): metal strut placed between the 2 sections of an articulated machine to immobilise it.

Locking ring (cf. “Mounting & demounting tyres”): open metal ring, used to ensure all parts of the assembly remain in place on the rim.

O-ring seal (cf. “Mounting & demounting tyres”): a ring of rubber, circular in cross-section, generally made by pressure moulding, able to ensure a static as well as a dynamic seal between two cylindrical surfaces.

Patch (cf. “Tyre repairs”): repair part reinforced by one or more layers of reinforcement and designed to be bonded to the inside of a damaged tyre.

Safety stand (cf. “Mounting & demounting tyres - p.67”): metal support, generally with three feet, used for supporting a raised vehicle.

Traction (cf. “The different machines and their applications” - “Tyre use” - “Factors affecting tyre wear life” - “Tyre inflation” - “Ballasting the tyres”): a tyre’s ability to transmit tractive effort from the machine to the ground.

Valve base (cf. “Mounting & demounting tyres”): piece of rubber fixed to the rim or inner tube to support the valve.

Wheel fixing Lugs (cf. “Mounting & demounting tyres”): lugs permanently fixed to the rim that allows the assembly to be fixed to the hub.

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