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What to Consider Before Purchasing New Construction Equipment
10 September 2018
What to Consider Before Purchasing New Construction Equipment

Running a construction company can be a headache if you don’t have access to sufficient equipment and tools. With the right equipment, you’re able to increase productivity with a quick turnaround and, in turn, take on more projects to boost your bottom line. In South Africa, there are plenty of building, mining and engineering projects in the pipeline but not always enough contractors with the right equipment needed for the job. So, if you’re looking to increase your equipment fleet or get rid of outdated, troublesome equipment, here are a few tips to consider when buying new or second-hand equipment: 

•    Quality over quantity

Companies should strive to buy one equipment unit, from a reputable brand, instead of several for the same price. While it might be costly and well over budget, the long-term benefits are endless when you have a unit that can do multiple jobs. Before buying anything, you need to be absolutely certain that whatever you choose will bring you years of successful delivery. If you tend to work on jobs that are remote or close to the harbour, make sure that you invest in a versatile unit that can cover mobile, on-site and port work. Your choice of equipment will also need to be able to operate in harsh weather conditions and for long periods of time, so make sure that your equipment purchase is able to withstand these conditions without having to go in for a maintenance service after every lengthy task. 

•    Make use of innovative technology 

Modern technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) can benefit your productivity and overall machine performance in a variety of ways. To stay competitive in the construction industry, you need to invest in the highest quality equipment to show your customers the benefits of using your services over anyone else's in the industry. It’s also important to consider more expensive equipment simply because of how many features these units can offer your workers. Machine operators will be able to work faster and grow their skills in the tech and construction space, which is ideally what you want: a team of skilled workers. 

•    Look for equipment that is fuel efficient

The heavier the equipment, the more you will spend on fuel. It’s important to have a clear understanding of what you want and weigh up your options by including factors such as fuel consumption. If you choose something more affordable, the initial purchase price might be cheaper on your pocket, but the additional costs on fuel could become expensive. A fuel-efficient unit can offer you plenty of savings in the long-term, so look beyond what you see and focus on the return on investment. 

•    Consider the cost vs. investment 
On the back of the quality over quantity point, you need to choose equipment that is going to allow you to tackle plenty of different jobs when you need the help. Construction and engineering projects usually stretch over a long period of time, meaning that you will need to have a solid, versatile machine that proves to be a profitable investment and not something that will require an service after the project finishes. Plan properly and speak to a professional in this industry to guide you. If you do not have the capital upfront, consult with a financial broker who can assist you with a loan application. If this is already the route you have in mind, use an online finance calculator to see how much you are able to qualify for. 

•    Choose your dealer wisely 

Much like car purchases, with construction equipment you need to consider the best, most trusted brands in the industry and work around their costs. A well-established brand in construction will guarantee high-quality, durable units that will last you years of pressure and strenuous work. Be honest and open about your queries or concerns and ensure that whichever dealer you are interested in going with can offer you after sales support and training. As mentioned, construction equipment is extremely costly, so if you’re going to take the leap to purchase a new unit for your fleet, don’t cut any corners. 

•    Train your operators 

In order to keep your equipment in top shape post-purchase, you need to have trained operators to take care of your equipment and operate them according to the correct protocol. If you have a team of workers who will be working around your new machinery, make sure to train them and provide them with the necessary knowledge to be able to to do the job without having to worry about accidents and negligence. 
The right workers and equipment will form part of your business’s assists, so invest wisely and make the right decisions for a successful future. It’s easy to opt for the more affordable machines when you’re unable to purchase something cash, but to ensure you’re making the right choice and that you’re adding value to your fleet and your business’ bottom line, speak to a financing company about the research you’ve done and the calculator reading, as well as the different finance options available to you.  

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