Mining Safety News Safety(c) 2017, rugged multi-gas detector yet sets new safety benchmarkThe new MSA ALTAIR® 4XR multi-gas detector provides real-time event notification using Bluetooth connectivity. This sets a new technological benchmark for advanced features, boosting health and safety for workers operating in hazardous or dangerous environments. The latest multi-gas detector from MSA Africa will be launched officially at the Secunda Petrochemical Roadshow on 16 March 2017, Suraksha Mohun, Product Marketing Manager, MSA Africa, reveals. This tough and reliable four-gas monitor with proven MSA XCell Sensors is among the fastest in the world, sensing gas two times faster than the industry average. “MSA XCell Sensors are unequalled in today’s market, enabling faster response, shorter span calibrations and longer life, saving you time and money,” Mohun asserts. When paired with the MSA ALTAIR® Connect app, available from the Google Play Store, it can text alarm notifications immediately to supervisors, team members or other users. “Maintenance,..., 22 Mar 2017 14:46:10 GMTEssential maintenance and fire-prevention procedures for gensetsGenerating sets (gensets) supply off-grid electricity during power outages, based on diesel or petrol as a fuel source. However, such critical equipment is often neglected. Here ASP Fire provides essential advice on preventative maintenance and adequate fire-prevention procedures for gensets. The first issue to be taken into consideration is the fuel supply, which may comprise an integral tank at the base of the genset, a 2,200 litre Bulk To Farm Tank (BTF), or often merely a 210 litre drum. “Hence we have the presence of highly flammable liquids, especially in terms of refuelling and the possibility of any spillages,” Michael van Niekerk, CEO, ASP Fire, points out. Another issue is to control the growth of vegetation around a genset, especially if it is located outside. “Very often we will see vegetation encroaching on a genset, tucked away somewhere as an afterthought. We have even seen corporate customers piling office equipment onto, and around, a genset,”..., 17 Mar 2017 09:09:52 GMTBI to display total solutions for the farming community at NAMPO 2017Bearings International (BI) has a wide product range to meet the specific requirements of the agricultural sector. The leading supplier will again showcase its major brands at Grain SA’s NAMPO Harvest Day from 16 to 19 May near Bothaville in the Free State. BI has a long and proud association with the NAMPO Harvest Day, according to CEO Burtie Roberts. “We once again look forward to networking with clients and roleplayers in the industry to showcase the products and solutions from our extensive product range. BI can be found at its traditional stand as in years past, where we will welcome visitors as in years past.” BI’s diverse product line-up runs the gamut from supplying bearings and chain to couplings and transmission products for arduous farming applications such as ploughing, planting, harvesting, and baling. The company also provides expert advice on keeping farming equipment operating at optimum efficiency, in addition to outlining the most proactive..., 15 Mar 2017 13:03:33 GMTEnergas Technologies supplies High Fuel Oil storage facility for Elandsfontein phosphate projectEnergas Technologies, leading supplier of high-end and specialised equipment to the oil and gas industries in Southern Africa, was commissioned by DRA Global for the design of a High Fuel Oil (HFO) storage facility for the Elandsfontein phosphate mining project in the Western Cape. Elandsfontein is home to the biggest known sedimentary phosphate deposit in South Africa and ranks second in the country, with the igneous Phalaborwa deposit occupying top position. Currently, South Africa imports roughly 60% of its fertiliser requirements, which makes access to phosphate vitally important to the future of food security in the country. Kropz - explorer, mine developer and miner of fertiliser feed minerals (mainly phosphates), is the majority shareholder, key funder and debt provider for the development of the Elandsfontein phosphate project on the West Coast. Kropz is investing R1.35 billion developing the Elandsfontein project and upon completion, as a consequence of the combined rehabilitation..., 06 Mar 2017 11:43:53 GMTBand-It flourishes in SA market due to novel applications and productsThe South African market continues to have unique applications for stainless steel band, buckle systems, preformed clamps, and cable tie products from Band-It, which means it continues to be an important growth area for the international OEM. Visiting local Band-It distributor, Banding & Identification Solutions Africa at its Johannesburg head office recently, European Sales Manager Paul Clark paid tribute to the resourcefulness of the local company, which has successfully championed the Ultra-Lok® clamps as a perfect solution to the perennial problem of cable theft in South Africa. Local sales representative Matthew Campbell explains that the beauty of Ultra-Lok® is that it streamlines the process of cable bundling, which are secured onto cable racks/trays with tamper-proof clamps that are difficult to remove. “The product gives our customers peace of mind that cable theft is no longer a viable proposition, due to how securely Ultra-Lok® clamps the cables.” Clark..., 06 Mar 2017 10:13:21 GMTSkyriders powers up inspection and maintenance at EskomSkyriders has had a permanent rope access maintenance and inspection team at a large Eskom power station near Ogies in Mpumalanga for 12 years. The rope-access specialist has assisted the electricity utility with various tasks such as internal boiler inspections, PF pipe inspections, coal bunkers, terrace bins, precipitator hoppers and ducting, Marketing Manager Mike Zinn explains. It has also carried out maintenance work on the roof and side sheeting, bucket elevators and smoke stacks. In addition to a permanent crew, Skyriders also has a large multi-skilled team available to carry out other essential maintenance and inspection tasks during any planned or unforeseen outages at Eskom’s fleet. “What gives us our competitive edge is our extreme flexibility and responsiveness in this regard,” Zinn comments. This has resulted in Skyriders enjoying a close relationship with Eskom for over 15 years, carrying out work at most of the electricity utility’s 13 power..., 06 Mar 2017 10:08:20 GMTRapid-response, self-contained foam mist systemMining operations, oil refineries, fuel-storage depots, airports and airfields, and small industry all require a rapid response in the event of any fire emergency on-site to minimise potential damage and loss of life. It is for this reason that I-CAT Fire Solutions has developed the Blaze Buster, a rapid-response, self-contained foam mist system, I-CAT Business Development and Marketing Director Lourens Jansen van Rensburg comments. The system has a large cannon with a discharge range of about 40 m, in addition to a retractable mist hose reel. This is fitted with an additional gun that can be used in conjunction with the cannon, thus enabling two firefighters to fight a fire simultaneously, increasing the effectiveness of the system dramatically. The Blaze Buster consists of four 230 litre self-contained and premixed foam cylinders. A total of 600 litres of water available with a continuous foam discharge duration of up to 3 minutes means its capacity is comparable to that of 3..., 01 Mar 2017 08:25:07 GMTVaal Triangle wastewater treatment plant first recipient of IE3-compliant DRN motorsA major wastewater treatment project in the Vaal Triangle has become the first recipient in South Africa of the new IE3 compliant DRN motors from SEW-EURODRIVE. The new energy-efficient motors were introduced at Electra Mining 2016. The initial order is for ten complete units, with gearboxes and motors (six 45 kW motors and four 55 kW motors), Head of Projects Rudi Swanepoel comments. These specific units will be used for aerator applications. “With aerator and mixing applications, our projects and engineering teams have to double check all of the loads and bending moments. These loads are supplied to us by the client, based on their designs. We then have to ensure that the gearboxes that have been selected are suited to the application at hand,” Swanepoel explains. “Our calculation program has been designed specifically to determine if the gearbox selection is adequate, based on the loads and bending moments. This is particularly important when it comes to aerators..., 01 Mar 2017 08:23:38 GMTIntegrated harness system set to revolutionise rescue at heightAny safety-related incidents when working at height often necessitate self-rescue as the front-line or most rapid-response tactic. In this regard, MSA Africa is introducing its Latchways Personal Rescue Device (PRD), an integrated harness system. This lightweight, unobtrusive rescue device is contained in a small backpack attached to a full-body harness. It has been designed to be used in conjunction with a fall protection system or anchor point, Suraksha Mohun, Product Marketing Manager, MSA Africa, notes. The patented components of the Latchways PRD fit neatly into the backpack, allowing workers to carry out their daily tasks unhindered. Indeed, the backpack becomes part of the daily Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required for those working at height. “There is a legal obligation to have a comprehensive rescue plan in place when individuals are working at height,” Mohun stresses. In the event of a fall, the MSA Latchways PRD suspends the worker, who is then lowered..., 01 Mar 2017 08:21:11 GMTWhat is the correct PPE for head-to-toe protection in mining?Mineworkers require specific Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to protect the entire body from any harm or injury in the mining environment. Determining what this PPE should be depends on a proper risk assessment of the specific application. Here North Safety Products Africa Steelpoort Branch Manager Michael Malan elaborates on the different types of PPE that is required. The consequences of not having proper PPE may lead to injuries, loss of a limb or part of a limb, a permanent physical defect, or even a fatality, Malan cautions. An added impact is increased downtime, which translates into reduced profits and greater overheads. North Safety Products Africa supplies specific PPE to meet the varied needs of different sectors of the mining environment, in full compliance with all safety regulations and legal requirements as per the requisite risk assessment. Head and face protection This comprises of a hard hat, safety glasses, ear plugs and half-face or full-face masks. When..., 23 Feb 2017 14:20:40 GMT